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Botani Vape E-Liquid


E-Liquid Therapeutics is pleased to present Botani Vape botanical e-liquids, a revolution in the science of personal wellness.

The groundbreaking result of two years of development, Botani Vape combines the benefits of traditional medicines with cutting-edge vapor technology to produce an exciting range of innovative and great-tasting vapor products designed to enhance your personal health regimen

A simple, convenient and safe compliment to traditional homeopathic remedies, Botani Vape is a better way to better living.

Our Botani Vape E-Liquid formulas combine CO2 herbal extracts, minerals, vitamins, anti-oxidants and food grade flavoring. Added to our proprietary emulsion patented technological process and it creates an everlasting, mouthwatering flavor. We process raw plant materials and use only the highest quality ingredients, resulting in a flavorful e-liquid experience with many potential benefits of the herbal extracts, vitamins and minerals.

When Botani Vape E-Liquids are heated in a personal vaporizer, the e-liquid is transformed into a vapor which is then inhaled by the user, delivering the solutions' ingredients quickly and effectively into the bloodstream via absorption through the soft tissues of the mouth and direct inhalation.

E-Liquid Therapeutics

E-Liquid Therapeutics is a leader in the vapor industry, providing customers in the U.S, Canada, and abroad with a diverse and sophisticated assortment of premium-quality e-liquids and vapor products.

Combining over a decade of experience, skill and creativity of a highly-motivated team of vapor professionals, ELT combines ingredients of outstanding purity and flavor in new and exciting ways to create cutting-edge taste experiences of unsurpassed complexity, refinement and taste.

ELT - The Professional Choice

ELT products are manufactured in a modern, 10,000 square foot production facility in Fremont, California. ISO-certified, our facility adheres to the highest operational standards to ensure superior quality and consistency

Our e-liquids are precision crafted by highly skilled team of vapor professionals that includes PhD chemists, accredited lab technicians and professional mixologists

These skilled and creative individuals bring a level of technical expertise and an innovative spirit to ELT that allows us to redefine what an e-liquid can be, constantly developing new methods of creating flavors, combining them in exciting new ways and delivering them to the palate in a manner that provides consistently richer, more complex flavors than the vapor world has ever seen.

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